Immanence studio is a contemporary brand founded in London by Alessandra Menghan Guo.
The designer believes a beautiful garment is accomplished on how it’s cut and made.
Immanence studio is the brand that is focused on a unique technique of cutting to create unexpected drape and structure to the garment, incorporating traditional cutting and draping with hidden asymmetric detailing and has a strong interest in geometric elements, the silhouettes are sophisticated, chic and timeless. 
We don’t follow seasonal trend but we instead seek to develop our own individual style and essentially create a ‘wardrobe’ of clothes that ourselves and our clients want to wear.
The brand offers concept pieces as well as everyday wear.


Alessandra Menghan Guo was born in Beijing, China. At a very young age she came to the UK and studied in Edinburgh College of Art.
After graduated with Master degree in Fashion design, she was given the opportunity to work with numbers of dependent designers includes Holly Fulton.
She also worked in luxury retail for number of years, which also gained invaluable experience that has inspired the designer to fulfil her lifelong dream of creating her own luxury brand.